• Barry Phillips

What should you do if you receive a calling card at your door?

Licesened Field Agent knocking on red door

As a Field Agent, I visit multiple addresses daily and often there is no one at home. I usually will leave a calling card for the person I am wanting to communicate with, asking for contact.

The reason for my visit may be one of many and I can not disclose the reason on my card due to Privacy Legislation.

I may be making contact to update a customers contact details with a Bank or other Financial Institution, to serve documents that may have importance in relation to a loan, asset or a Family Law matter. The reasons are wide and varied, however due to the nature of my work, I will need to continue to attend the address until I can finalise the matter by speaking with the person mentioned on my card or by establishing with the current resident that they do not live there.

If you receive one of these cards, please call me whether it is addressed to you or not, it may be a time saver for you and me.

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