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Vacant Possession and Eviction

House for sale after vacant possession/eviction

Vacant Possession of Real Property is a regular occurring function of Field Agents and represents a cog in the wheel of the recovery of assets by banking corporations. Although vacant possession is ideal for the bank, on occasion in order to recover the asset, the bank must go through the legal process to have any occupants evicted. Field Agents also perform a function in this process, usually in conjunction with a Court Bailiff, to arrange Locksmiths, Removalists and Storage for any items remaining at the property at the time of eviction.

It is essential that banking corporations have reputable and experienced Field Agents representing their interests in this sector of recovery. The circumstances surrounding evictions and vacant possession require agents with firm negotiation, communication and organisational skills to ensure a smooth transition to possession, minimising the risk of negative press or other less than favourable outcomes. The Field Agent has to be prepared for the possibility of having to deal with previous borrowers against the property, neighbours, Real Estate Agents representing previous borrowers and third parties claiming ownership of items left at a property. These interactions have the potential for volatility and require a tactful approach. On occasion, animals may have been abandoned at a property and may require assistance while arrangements are made for removal into care. A reputable Field Agent will co-ordinate and execute these functions, effectively and efficiently providing an accurate picture of the state of the property and securing the premises for sale action by a real estate agent.

At Optimax Consulting, we have the experience to manage vacant possessions and evictions, arranging quotes for removals, storage, transport, locksmiths’ services as well as liaising with Real Estate Agents and delivering of keys as required. Detailed property reports are provided together with photos, outlining the condition of the property and details about any structures, fence lines and any other pertinent information that may be useful. Usually reports and photos are provided within 24hours of completing the job. Supervised Access for previous occupants to collect personal effects and dealing with abandoned animals onsite after possession is also part of our service. If we can be of any assistance please feel free to get in touch.

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